ECKERT Special Offer

ECKERT AS Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of CNC machines for automated plasma, oxygen and water cutting, again with a special offer for you: save up to € 6500 - when you buy an ECKERT CNC cutting machine, you get a FREE COMPRESSOR with all additional components, intended for the cutting machine.

Why a compressor?

Cutting quality mostly depends on quality of compressed air. Guaranteed high quality is necessary for the proper operation of the plasma source, filtering unit, abrasive dosing systems (waterjet) and cutting table. It allows to maintain the stability and standard of the parameters.

Check out the portal machines and call us for a proposal. The special offer includes all necessary parts for assembly: Screw compressor + dryer + filter set. Our experts will advise you to choose a suitable compressor for your machine.

The offer is valid until 30. 09. 2022 - contact us for details.