Four-roll Sheet Bending Machine IMCAR 4R 4/3 Delivered for Paro & Co Ltd. - Dimitrovgrad

Paro & Co Ltd. trusts Kammarton Bulgaria for the delivery of the new equipment, its commissioning and the training of the operators. The company specializes in heat exchangers, air purification, import and supply of ribbed pipes and its activities are design, production, installation and maintenance.

The model is the four-roll sheet bending machine IMCAR 4R 4/3 from I.M.C.A.R. S.P.A., Milan - Italy. The machine features high precision, speed, high performance, horizontal work position, and cone manufacturing capability.


IMCAR 4R 4/3

Diameter of top roll 170 mm
Diameter of pinch roll 170 mm
Diameter lateral rolls 145 mm
Tilting angle of lower rolls 3 degrees
Total power 2.2 kW
Rolls hardened surface 55-60 HRC
Rotation speed 4.3 m/min
Pre-bending speed 600 mm/min
Length 3550 mm
Width 950 mm
Height 1100 mm
Weight 2 300 kg


Pre-Bending capacity with material Yield Strength 26 kg/mm² (260 N/mm²):

Useful length (mm) Thickness (mm) Inside diameter (mm)
2050 4 210
2050 5 510
2050 6 850


Technological process of sheet bending in I.M.C.A.R. four-roll machines