Kammarton Bulgaria at BATA AGRO 2022

The participation of Kammarton Bulgaria in The Specialized Agricultural Exhibition BATA AGRO 2022 is inspired by our desire to always satisfy and support our customers and partners. The event, which will be held from 16 to 20 May 2022 at Stara Zagora Airport, offers the opportunity to be closer to farmers and to present them a selection of tools, machinery, equipment and consumables from our various product lines related to both main and accompanying agribusiness processes of global brands such as Cea, ESAB, Speedglass, Pramac, Gen Set, Konner & Sohnen, Milwaukee, Zuwa, Grundfos, Forankra, 3M and many others.

At our exhibition stand 12 in sector A1 we will offer all visitors to view the latest products and innovative technologies suitable for them, as well as to test and check the shown technique dedicated to farming, livestock, storage and transport of production. Our specialized catalog for agriculture will also be officially presented.

Address: Stara Zagora Airport, Stara Zagora, Kolyo Ganchev
GPS coordinates: 42.385640, 25.648767

Opening hours: 09:00 to 18:00. Last day - until 14:00.

Visiting the exhibition BATA AGRO is free. Visitors need to register in advance online or on site on the days of the exhibition.