Kammarton Bulgaria - The Exclusive Representative of HGG Group for Bulgaria

Since 2024, Kammarton Bulgaria is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the products manufactured by HGG Group. Founded in the Netherlands in 1984, today the HGG Group is a global innovator in the field of 3D profiling and steel cutting. Known for their intelligent and customized CNC profiling machines, HGG Group revolutionized manufacturing processes by providing freedom for creativity and precision in the design of steel structures.

The HGG Group portfolio includes:

  • Pipe cutting machines
  • Box section cutting machines
  • Beam cutting machines
  • Open profile cutting machines
  • Cylindrical vessel detail cutting machines

With the offer of CNC profiling machines, Kammarton Bulgaria completes its range of solutions, providing innovative and customized solutions from the HGG Group. These advanced machines ensure high precision and efficiency in the cutting and profiling of steel structures, meeting the requirements of modern industry.