Kammarton Bulgaria presents I.M.C.A.R. S.P.A.

I.M.C.A.R. S.P.A.was established in 1955, Milan - Italy, as a company specialized in manufacturing plate and profile bending machines and it asserted itself at once on national and international market.

The range of products includes:

  • Plate bending machines standard with 2/3/4 rolls, with and without CNC, for thickness from 0,5 to 100mm and length from 500 to 6000mm 
  • Automatic Systems from Coil, Pallet or Multi-pallet 
  • Profile bending machines working with either horizontal or vertical axis, with single and double pre-bending 
  • Welding Systems 
  • Custom Machines and Installations for different types of plates and profiles 
  • Special Installations for plants and field to produce tanks destined for food and industrial sector
Design and manufacture of I.M.C.A.R. products are completely made in Italy, assuring the high quality of its machines and installations. The over 60 years’ experience in this sector allows the company to be considered the world-wide leader on the market. The company philosophy is customer oriented, offering a wide, serious and reliable service of consultancy and assistance, becoming an ideal partner.