New Color Combination for the Morakniv Basic 511 & 546 Limited Edition 2023

The 2023 limited edition color combination for the Morakniv Basic 511 (C) & Morakniv Basic 546 (S) knives draws inspiration from the shimmering yellow Zorngården, the home of the world-renowned artist Anders Zorn, located in the heart of Mora, as well as the beautiful Dala Red colour, which for decades has given character to the knives from Morakniv.

The Zorn House is one of the most well-known artist homes in Sweden. Built and decorated around the turn of last century by Anders Zorn, it remains today almost untouched since the time. In 1886, Zorn had acquired a vacant lot near Mora church and moved a small wooden house to the property, which became the nucleus for Anders and Emma Zorn's home. Designed by the artist himself, the structure combined local timberwork traditions with the architecture of English houses and Zorn’s conception of Viking-era dwellings – simultaneously rustic and refined, grand and cozy. By about 1910 it was finished, surrounded by a garden with berry bushes and fruit trees and adorned with a fountain in bronze made by Zorn himself. In the garden is the artist’s studio, housed in a medieval house with visible timber walls and wooden ceilings that dates to 1290.

From Zorn’s artist home to the well-known red colour, the step is no further than a brush stroke on a palette. The colour that is so strongly associated with Mora, Dalarna and, Sweden has had a special role in knife history since 1912. Namely, it was then that the knives manufactured in Mora started to get their handles painted with the characteristic red colour Dala Red.

The Morakniv Basic 511 Limited Edition 2023 (C) and Morakniv Basic 546 Limited Edition 2023 (S) knives are reliable knives in many different situations and in different weather conditions all year round. An excellent choice when a robust tool is needed at hand, ideal for working safely and efficiently. The ergonomic barrel-shaped polymer handle features a sturdy finger guard and is equipped with the Morakniv Smart Button System, which means that several knives for different purposes can be attached to each other. There is also a practical belt clip for easy attachment to the belt.
The blades, ensuring strength and stability in every cut, are with a thickness of 2.0 mm and a length of 91 mm.
The Morakniv Basic 511 Limited Edition 2023 (C) knife has a blade made of carbon steel and is easy to re-sharpen. Caution: Carbon steel rusts, so the blade should be wiped and oiled after use.
The Morakniv Basic 546 Limited Edition 2023 (S) knife has a blade made from recycled Swedish stainless steel and has a long-lasting sharpness.