"Kammarton" Ltd. - KӒRCHER partner for Bulgaria

We are pleased to inform You that by the end of 2012 "Kammarton Bulgaria" Ltd. is an authorized distributor  and  service partner  to KӒRCHER for Bulgaria.

KӒRCHER was founded in 1935 and named after its founder - Alfred Karcher. For nearly 80 years KӒRCHER is a leader in the world to develop and require new technologies and quality standards in the cleaning industry.

The product range includes:

  • HD series – washers;
  • HDS series – heated washers / steam /;
  • T series – vacuum cleaners;
  • CV series – vacuum cleaners for carpets;
  • Puzzi series – extractors;
  • NT series – vacuum cleaners for dry / wet cleaning;
  • В series – floor cleaning machines;
  • KM series – sweepers;
  • IV series – for waste;
  • IB series – blast machines with dry ice;
  • Steam cleaners
  • Home&Garden – solutions for home cleaning and irrigation systems.

We hope that the inclusion of these products in our commercial range will make our cooperation with our current and future customers even more successful and profitable, because we can offer a more efficient and competitive technical solutions.