RAMPLO - New Partner of Kammarton Bulgaria

We are pleased to present our new partner RAMPLO - a world known manufacturer of high quality warehouse equipment with an emphasis on mobile and stationary loading ramps from Ukraine.

RAMPLO develops a wide range of loading ramps of any complexity and load capacity.
RAMPLO mobile ramps are special equipment that allows a forklift to load and unload trucks, railway cars by driving inside it from the ground level. The movable ramp works as a mobile bridge and can be adjusted in height. Due to its hydraulic system, the ramp serves as a link between the ground level and the level of the truck body, the floor of a railway car.
RAMPLO stationary loading ramps connect the ground level to the warehouse level and consist of an inclined part and a small connecting bridge with or without a horizontal board.

The product range also includes loading platforms, hydraulic docks levelers, mobile steel dock boards, container bridges, spring driven bridges, hydraulic scissor lift tables and lifting platforms, forklifts attachments and etc.

The products are presented not only in the standard models - they are also produced according to customer requests with individual requirements.

RAMPLO offers an equipment with unique characteristics, high quality and the lowest possible prices in Europe, Asia and America.

Kammarton is a dealer for Bulgaria of equipment from RAMPLO.