Successful season for Vasil Todorov - Zender sponsored by BAHCO

2019 year, Bahco Argentina - part of SNA Europe, sponsored Vasil Todorov - Zender from DIAMO Racing Group's. The manufacturer of hand and pneumatic tools Bahco is his long-standing partner in his participations in competitions.

Svetla Tsoncheva - representative of Bahco Argentina and Georgi Velev - representative of Kammarton Bulgaria Ltd., a distributor of Bahco and Irimo Argentina for Bulgaria, handed a professional equipment to Vasil Todorov and his team. The event took place in AB – Term.

" I’d like to sincerely express my appreciation to Svetla Tsoncheva, Georgi Velev, the Abadjiev family, Hristo Abadzhiev, Mikhail Abadjiev, Boris Abadzhiev and all who were part of our team in 2019. I am happy and continue with an even greater ambition to achieve good results in the championships of Bulgaria, "Vasil Todorov said in an interview given during the event.

Source: DIAMO Racing Group