Piston Compressor BAMAX BX60G/270CT7.5

BAMAX. Has been active for many years on the international market, characterised by a dynamic evolution in which the customer, with his requirements and expectations, is the centre of attention. It is through the customer's satisfaction that BAMAX intends to increase and renew its products, at the same time as maintaining its characteristics of creativity, flexibility and adjustment to the market requirements
Common Characteristics
The compressor is equipped with thermal motor protection and output pressure regulator for precise adjustment to the desired level.
The condensate drain from the receiver is manually operated by a plug installed on the bottom of the receiver.
The compressor is equipped with two transport wheels, a rubber swab and a handle that can be removed and the compressor permanently fixed to the floor, foundation or general frame with another machine.
Supplied with oil-filled power cord with plug - ready for commissioning immediately.