Generator Konner & Sohnen KS 7000E

Generator Konner & Sohnen KS7000E, gasoline
Common Characteristics
All gasoline generators are equipped with robust and cost-effective gasoline powered air-cooled four-stroke engines, a synchronous type alternator with copper winding and an intelligent automatic voltage regulator (AVR).
They are equipped with a multifunctional LED-display, automatic circuit breakers for overload and low oil level.

Outlets: 1x32A (230V), 1x16A (230V)
Technical Data
Power supply230  V
Max. Power 230V5.5  kW
Nominal Power 230V5.0  kW
Fuel tank capacity25  l
Running time at 50% of load17  h
Dimensions680x545x550  mm
Weight76.2  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications