Inverter Generator Konner & Sohnen KS 2000i S

Inverter Generator Konner & Sohnen KS 2000i S
Common Characteristics
Inverter-type gasoline generators are handy portable power sources. One of the key features of these generators is that they produce electric current with correct sinusoid. This solution this ideal to ensure the stable operation of sophisticated electronic devices, electronic measuring instruments, audio equipment, medical equipment, etc.
In addition, inverter generators are convenient to transport. Due to their small size, low weight and economy – these models will become your irreplaceable assistants when fishing, picnicking or hiking.
Manual start
LCD-Display:Voltage, Current, Load, Operating Hours
Improved anti-vibration system

All gasoline generators are equipped with robust and cost-effective gasoline powered air-cooled four-stroke engines, a synchronous type alternator with copper winding and an intelligent automatic voltage regulator (AVR).
They are equipped with a multifunctional LED-display, automatic circuit breakers for overload and low oil level.

The package includes everything you need to use LPG as fuel:
1. Built-in reducer that provides gas supply during engine operation, prevents gas leakage, as well as terminates gas supply when the generator is off.
2. 1.5 m long hose for connecting a gas cylinder provides a convenient connection.
3. The hose is equipped with an additional reducer that is mounted on the cylinder to increase the reliability of the gas line. It provides pressure reduction and eliminates the possibility of overloading the gas connection. Just connect the generator to the cylinder and start the engine.

Outlets:1x16A (230V)
Technical Data
Power supply230  V
Max. Power 230V2.0  kW
Nominal Power 230V1.8  kW
Fuel tank capacity5  l
Running time at 50% of load6.25  h
Dimensions500x285x460  mm
Weight19  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications