Pneumatic Products Couplings and Nipples CEJN - Series 410

Pneumatic Products Couplings and Nipples series 410, DN 10.4
Common Characteristics
Series 410 couplings are an original CEJN design that has become a European standard. The Series is one-hand operated and offers long service life. A wide range of connections is available, as well as anti-hose whip nipples. The Series 410 vented safety version is disconnected in two stages in order to vent the coupling and minimize the risk of sudden component separation, which has the potential to cause operator injury. Full automatic operation ensures easy handling. The vented safety version complies with ISO Standard 4414 and EN 983 and has a steel front part as standard. Series 410 is also available in a Vented Safety version. Please refer to the CEJN Fluid range for specialized versions of Series 410 with brass nipples (Series 411), high-pressure straight-through design (Series 412), two-way shutoff (Series 414), and stainless steel construction (Series 416).
* Extremely high flow capacity
* One-hand operated
* Strong and durable

Material coupling: Zinc-plated steel/brass
Material nipple: Hardened zinc-plated steel
Technical Data
Nominal flow diameter10.4  mm
Air flow3900  l/min
Maximum working pressure16  bar (230 PSI)
Minimum burst pressure140  bar (2030 PSI)
Temperature range-20/+100  °C