Automatic Reel Tilter

Fixed tilting unit for reels and coils with electro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic or manual operation. It can be laid on the floor or built-in in the ground with loading platform aligned with the floor. Every unit is customized to suit the Customer's reels. It is supplied CE marked, with an instruction and maintenance manual.
Common Characteristics
Sturdy steel construction to be built into ground.
Motorized or hydraulic cylinder activated tilting mechanism.
Built to suit reel size and weight requirements.
Tilting capability up to 1600 mm (63") reels.
Capability to handle materials up to 5 Tons.
Safe tilting of reel from horizontal to vertical axis.
Technical Data
Max WLL4000  kg
Max diameter of the reel1000  mm
Engine1.1 kW 1400 оборота/min 
Dimensions1520 x 1310 x 1900  mm