Standard Lifting Beam

These are lifting technical solutions designed under the requisites of each customer, strictly according to the design, manufacture, quality and security norms.
Common Characteristics
Lifting Beams are elements for the handling of loads. They are placed between the crane and the tool to be manipulated to improve the stability and safety of the movement of the load.
There are as many lifting beam models as our customers have requirements. They are custom designed to solve the lifting of loads of each client, strictly complying with design and manufacturing regulations. They can be fixed, adjustable, in the form of “H”, rectangular, rotating, telescopic … Or a mixture of all. At OX Worldwide we have designed and manufactured lifting beams to handle loads from 100 kg to 180 tonnes.
They are usually manufactured with a beam, structural tube or electrowelded box to which the necessary upper and lower suspension elements are added. The upper elements are those that are attached to the crane (or cranes) and the lower elements are those that are attached to the load.