Tank Cutter Darda TC120

Coated or uncoated tanks, steel walls, plates, pipelines etc. can be cut easily and effectively. Continuous cutting with 60 t cutting force.

Steel tanks and plates up to 15 mm thickness can be reliable cut "cold" and safely with the newly developed machine-guided Darda Tank Cutter.

Increase your productivity and cut coated tanks even with residual content finally risk-free!
Common Characteristics
• Light but nevertheless strong.
• Extremely efficiently with small load-bearing devices.
• Ideally for use in building interior.
• Replaceable cutting tips.
• Performance independent of the load - bearing device.
• Large opening width for easy positioning.
• Ideally suited for cutting large metal profiles.
• 360° Rotary drive for exact positioning of the cutter.
Technical Data
Device carrier3 - 8  t
Weight270  kg
Weight305  kg
Opening width125  mm
Connection175-270 / 100  bar / l/min
Cutting force67  kN / t
Cutting capacity structural steel mm15 / 95x5  t / O
Cutting capacity stainless steel12  mm