Hydraulic Pile Driving System HRE 4000 GAYK

Hydraulic Pile Driving System HRE 5000 GAYK
Technical Data
Transport length with mast 3.70m6 200  mm
Width of the machine2 200  mm
Machine height2 400  mm
Maximum pile length6 000  mm
Number of strokes per minute530 - 1 050 
Strength of impact1 100  J
Hydraulic tank180  l
Pressure of the hydraulics190  bar
Engine : model3H50TICD SilentPack Hatz Diesel 
Power43.6  Kw
Fuel tank60  l
Power supply12  V
Weight of the hammer189  kg
Hydraulic hammer: modelPB 405 - Epiroc 
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications