Mini loader Sherpa 300 Plus

34 hp - diesel.
Sherpa offers a large selection of attachments that you can see in the attached brochure.
Common Characteristics
The most powerful SHERPA mini loader in our product range weighs 1.48 tons and is powered by a 25 kW/34-HP 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. This lightweight hydraulic 4-wheel-drive mini articulated loader can move up to 1,000 kilos.
The SHERPA 300+ miniloader is equipped with wide tyres, a 365-cc hydraulic engine, a 34-cc plunger pump, oil cooling, a hydraulic handbrake and Parker(TM) hoses. The machine doesn’t have any additional transmissions such as clutches, differential gears or axle shafts, which results in fewer wear and tear parts and therefore lower maintenance costs.
Air cooling.
Technical Data
MotorKubota V1505 
Capacity25  kW
Revolutions per minute3000  rpm
Number of cylinders
Fuel tank capacity35  l
Speed0-19  km/h
Breakout force1735  kg
Tractive firce1028  kg
Hydraulic tank capacity35  l
Dimensions2740x1020x2395  mm
Weight1316  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications