Mini loader Sherpa Standard 100 Diesel

19 hp - diesel.
Sherpa offers a large selection of attachments that you can see in the attached brochure.
Common Characteristics
The SHERPA Standard 100 Diesel skid steer loader is a compact earth-moving machine and a mobile hydraulic powerhouse. The use of hydraulics for locomotion, lifting and many other functions makes this a very versatile and manoeuvrable machine that is easy to use and maintain.
This little machine moves much more material than its size suggests.
The hydraulic drive systems are powered through a gear pump that transfers the oil to the machine’s various functions through a 5-fold hydraulic control unit.
Hydraulic wheel motors in each of the eight wheels and a chain connection to the front wheel provide for effective 4-wheel drive.
This configuration makes the mini skid-steer so manoeuvrable that it can turn on its own axis. A quick-connect system enables the SHERPA Standard 100 Diesel compact loader to be quickly fit with a wide range of attachment tools, and quick-couplings enable servo tools to be connected to the auxiliary system. Each attachment tool is specially developed and built by craftsmen with experience in the gardening and paving sectors. This enables us to find a custom solution for every problem.
Water cooled.
Technical Data
MotorKubota D722 
Capacity14  kW
Revolutions per minute3600  rpm
Number of cylinders
Fuel tank capacity16  l
Speed400cc - 0-7.5  km/h
Breakout force630  kg
Tractive firce285  kg
Hydraulic tank capacity45  l
Dimensions1490x1120x1218  mm
Weight712  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications