Mini loader Sherpa Z10 E200

Mini loader Sherpa Z10 E200
Common Characteristics
The E200 resembles its brother a lot – a quality product, designed
on comfort and lifespan. But the Z10 E200 is switchable between
two gears. A higher speed to cover long distances, and a lower speed
to manoeuvre more precicely, save battery and work with extra
lifting power. The Z10 E200 is, just like the Z10 E100, ergonomically
optimized and very maintenance-friendly.
Technical Data
Capacity3.1  kW
Revolutions per minute2150  rpm
Speed0-3.3 / 0-4.7  km/h
Breakout force726  kg
Tractive firce400  kg
Hydraulic tank capacity40  l
Dimensions1519x760x1453  mm
Weight940  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications