Demolition Robots BROKK SR-Systems

Suitable for the toughest and most demanding environments.
Common Characteristics
The Brokk SR-Systems are dedicated security and rescue solutions with a wireless working range of over 1000 metres. This special system is developed through millions of operating hours in the toughest and most demanding environments around the globe.
Regardless of the danger; Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, collapsing buildings, high temperatures, risk of enemy fire, chemical-, biological-, radioactive, explosive (EOD/UXO/IED/VBIED) Environments (CBRNe), the remote SR-Systems will effectively carry out rescue and defence missions while keeping the operators safe.
The SR-systems are based on standard Brokk platforms, but further developed and equipped in cooperation with Security and Rescue organizations around the world and tailored to fit these segments special needs: Military grade high capacity, encrypted radio communication system and specially developed for non-line of sight operation in difficult environments, new sensor systems, cameras and tailored tools, etc