Universal and Special Applications Diamond Blades dr. Schulze

Universal and special applications diamond blades models: Iron Cut II Uni-X10 All Cut Turbo Speed Cut
Common Characteristics
Iron Cut II
• Laser-welded short twin-segments with 10 mm height
• Diamond coating for grinding and burring of cutting edges
• Cast iron pipes, cast iron, concrete/metal sandwiches

• with turbo segments
• narrow slots
• segment height 10 mm
• universal for building materials
• available in d 115 - 350 mm

All Cut
• vacuum brazed diamond saw blade for all purpose cutting
• core with cooling holes
• concrete, stones, wood, PVC, steel, cast iron, plastics, bullet-proof glas

Turbo Speed Cut
• turbo continuous rim
• core with cooling holes
• segment height 12 mm
• universal for all building
• materials
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications