Universal and special applications diamond blades dr. Schulze

Universal and special applications diamond blades Iron Cut II, Uni-X10, All Cut, Turbo Speed Cut
Common Characteristics

Iron Cut II

  • Laser-welded short twin-segments with 10 mm height
  • Diamond coating for grinding and burring of cutting edges
  • Cast iron pipes, cast iron, concrete/metal sandwiches


  • with turbo segments
  • narrow slots
  • segment height 10 mm
  • universal for building materials
  • available in d 115 - 350 mm

All Cut

  • vacuum brazed diamond saw blade for all purpose cutting
  • core with cooling holes
  • concrete, stones, wood, PVC, steel, cast iron, plastics, bullet-proof glas

Turbo Speed Cut

  • turbo continuous rim
  • core with cooling holes
  • segment height 12 mm
  • universal for all building
  • materials

Iron Cut III All Cut Turbo Speed Cut Uni-X10
Blade Ø mm 230 - 350 115 - 400 230 115 - 350
Hardness Low Low Medium Medium
Handheld machines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Table saws No No Yes Yes
Floor saws Yes Yes Yes Yes
Concrete Good Applicable Applicable Applicable
Concrete products Good Applicable Good Good
Granite No No Applicable No
Artificial lime stone Good Applicable Good No
Abrasive materials Good Applicable Applicable Applicable
Marble No Good No No
Cast iron Optimal Good No No
Coatings Applicable Good No No

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications