Fresno Trowels - Beton Trowel

A carbon steel float with fresno brush holder with hard or soft polybristle fibre. Float ends are rounded to avoid trail marks.
Common Characteristics
Used with the worm drive pitch control the forward pass is made with the blade tilted onto it’s back edge to smooth the concrete going forward. On the pull back the handle is rotated in the opposite direction to put the front edge of the blade in contact with the concrete and at the same time this drops the fresno broom so that it makes contact with the concrete. (see video)

The fresno blade can be used without the broom and adaptor kit as an easy float. Inexpensive options as an alternative to using the pitch control are available for attaching the extension handles. (see accessories)

BT750055: 900MM X 120MM C/W BROOM KIT; 5.1 KG
BT750056: 1200MM X 120MM C/W BROOM KIT; 6.2 KG
BT750057: 1500MM X 120MM C/W BROOM KIT; 7.3 KG
BT700044: 900MM X 120MM; 4.3 KG
BT700045: 1200MM X 120MM; 5.2 KG
BT700046: 1500MM X 120MM; 6.1 KG

Each float kit is supplied with worm drive pitch control and three extension handles
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications