Paddle Mixers Belle Promix1200E & Promix1600E

Variable speed electric mixer. Hand bladed mixers are suitable for high viscosity materials such as cement, building mortars, tile adhesives, and wall plasters.
A two-speed gearbox and a speed governor ensure perfect agitation.
Common Characteristics
Features and benefits:

• Large heavy-duty motor for higher power and more torque.
• Two speed heavy-duty high torque gearbox for extra life.
• Electronic speed control to ensure constant speed.
• Soft-start motor for more control and reduced splashing.
• Ergonomic handles for operator comfort and reduced fatigue.
• Easy maintenance including quick-change brushes.
• Easy to change tools with standard M14 fi t.
• Supplied complete with 2 blade helical paddle.
• Incorporates fail-safe trigger lock.
• Slow start, low splash.
Technical Data
Supply current230  V
Weight7.0/7.8  kg
Power1.2/1.6  kW
Max Mixing Capacity113/227  l
Speed Range76-578/153-670  rpm
Machine Height997  mm
Paddle Height670  mm
Paddle Diameter140/'160  mm
Paddle FittingM14 x 2 
Noise Level74  dB(A)