Motor Breaker Chicago Pneumatic CP Rail

Designed specifically for railway applications, the CP rail is a portable solution for tie tamping. Power is optimized for fast, efficient tamping without damaging the ballast.
Common Characteristics
• Service access - Top compartment opens for easy access to change the filter
• Portable and efficient - No compressor, generator or power pack is needed, so an access road along the rail lines is not required
• Convenient logistics - The portable CP Rail is a fast, efficient solution. It allows operators to work quickly, which helps with scheduling maintenance by potentially reducing the need to close tracks.
• Ergonomic design - Vibration-reducing handles allow operators to work longer with less fatigue. Hand throttle also provides excellent control
• Quick starting - Spring-loaded kill switch springs back into the starting position, so the tool is ready when you pull the cord on the recoil start
• Rugged power and durability
• Vibration-dampening handles
• Meets evolving emission and noise regulations
• Works with a wide range of chisels, drivers, cutters and more
• Available chuck size options: Hex 25 x 108; 28 x 160 and 2 x 160 mm.
Technical Data
Weight22  kg
Length743  mm
Impact Energy40  J
Blow Frequency1 620  bpm
Power1.5  kW
Motor90  cc
Fuel Capacity1  l
Fuel Mix2  %
Fuel Consumption0.8  l/h
Vibration Levels6.7  m/s2
Sound Power Level109  dB (A)
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications