Hydaulic Core Drills Chicago Pneumatic COR 5 and COR 15

Hydraulic core drills are ideal for working in confined areas — installing drainage, sewer and water pipes, or cable and ventilation ducts where large, deep holes are
needed. They can be operated freehand or mounted in a drill stand.
Common Characteristics
• Hydraulic control of the drill torque helps reduce kickback when drill bits jam
• Compact design makes drilling holes up to 200 mm freehand an easy job
• The core drill comes with a strong steel case for transport and storage

Models: COR 5 / COR 15
Technical Data
Weight with Hoses9.5/9  kg
Length Without Drill414/406  mm
Drill Diameter50-202/12-75  mm
Oil Flow20-30  l/min
Working Pressure60-120  bar
Revolutions600-900/1500-2250  rpm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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