Hydraulic Cutting Saws Chicago Pneumatic CP SAW 14 - 16

They may be light and compact, but don’t be fooled. A hydraulic cut-off saw with the right blade will cut through concrete, asphalt and steel. With our 16-inch saw at full throttle, you have the raw power of a gasoline-powered engine in your hand.
Common Characteristics
• Easy to use thanks to the open cutting face
• Simple, direct drive configuration reduces maintenance
• Water kit available to provide a supply of cooling water

Models CP SAW 14 / CP SAW 16
Technical Data
Weight with Hoses12/13  kg
Service Weight including Disc13.5/15  kg
Disc Size355/405  mm
Arbor Size25.4  mm
Cutting Depth133/160  mm
Oil Flow20-30/20-40  l/min
Revolutions2500-4000/2000-4000  rpm
Speed46-75/42-85  m/s
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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