Chipping Hammer Permon SEK 6-3 CA

Chipping hammer SEK 6-3 CA, 19 x 50 mm.
The chipping hammer is a versatile tool. It is used in construction work (light chipping and breaking, slotting, cleaning), foundries (degating castings, removing risings) and masonry (SEK 6-3 B).
Technical Data
Weight5.9  kg
Strength of impact9.5  J
Air consumption0.82  m3/min
Frequency of impact29.5  Hz
Vibration9.87  m/s2
Noise power104  dB (A)
Dimensions215 x 453  mm
Type of lockВтулка на резба 
Type handleD дръжка 
Air outletG1/2" 
Air pressure4-7  bar
GripHex 19 x 50  mm