Pneumatic Breakers Chicago Pneumatic CP 1260 and CP 1290

Tough construction and plant maintenance work such as breaking reinforced concrete, heavy road work, cutting tarmac, frozen ground or non-consolidated rock and for general demolition work.
These new 60-pound and 90-pound breakers continue the tradition of the well-known CP 1230 and CP 1240 with outstanding robustness and reliability in tough working conditions. Plus, they offer more power and
are lighter weight.
Featured models: CP 1260 S; CP 1260 SVR; CP 1290 S; CP 1290 SVR
Common Characteristics
• Even more power and productivity than the CP 1230 and CP 1240
• Improved modern design for excellent durability
• Four-bolt backhead – withstands rugged use
• Integral oiler – provides continuous lubrication
• Reversible piston – reduces maintenance cost
• New swivel design for increased manoeuvrability
• New type of heavy-duty front head springs – reduce maintenance cost
• “Hushed power” versions equipped with mufflers (S-models)
• Versions with improved vibration dampening system (SVR models)