Pneumatic Chipping Hammer Chicago Pneumatic CP 4125 3R

The extra features of the CP 4125 make it more suitable for tough construction and industrial applications, rugged use in foundries, shipyards, refineries
or fabrication shops.
In a dirty or warm air environment, the CP 4125 will still hit hard in a consistent way, be reliable and last longer than conventional hammers.

CP 4125 - 2H
CP 4125 - 3R
CP 4125 - 3H
CP 4125 - 4R
CP 4125 - 4H
Common Characteristics
• Pistol-grip handle
• Available in 2", 3" and 4" cylinder stroke versions
• Unique ring valve and chrome-plated cylinder for extra durability
Technical Data
Weight6.5  kg
Length362  mm
Blows Per Minute1920  bpm
Air Consumption12.5  l/s
Cylinder stroke76  mm
Chuck sizeR 17.3  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications