Pneumatic Sludge Pump Chicago Pneumatic CP 0077

Suitable for pumping sea water and certain corrosive chemicals as well as water from trenches, ditches, manholes, etc.
They can be used in industrial sumps and excavations: wet drilling applications where the pumped liquid contains rock fragments or other solids.
The sludge pump can handle liquids containing up to 15 percent solids and including particles up to 1” (25 mm) in size.
The pump should not be used to pump flammable liquids.
Common Characteristics
• Has no motor or diaphragm to wear out
• Operates on venturi/ejector principle
• Exhaust muffler reduces noise level
• Extremely durable
• No damage if running without load
• Long life/low maintenance
• Integral oiler provides continuous lubrication
• Cast iron housing
Technical Data
Weight69  kg
Min opening needed584x268  mm
Min water depth -  mm
Max suction lift6.1  m
Max head53  m
Air consumption40  l/s
Pressure6  bar
Air inlet3/4” NPT 
Air outlet1” NPT 
Max solid content15  %
Recommended air supply hose size25  mm
Discharge inlet3” BSP 
Discharge outlet2 1/2” NPT 
Part numberT024005