Scabblers Chicago Pneumatic CP 0006 and CP 0066

Scabblers are ideal for cleaning and roughening of concrete and also for keying the surface of construction joints. They can also be used to produce
ornamental or contrasting finishes on concrete surfaces.
Users - Builders and contractors; quarries and stone masons; municipalities
Common Characteristics
These are lightweight and compact tools, equipped with tungsten-carbide tipped pistons. The pistons oscillate inside the head or cylinder of the scabbler
and strike the surface of the material being worked on. All the scabblers have three pistons mounted in line.
The cycling of the pistons occurs due to the air porting arrangements in the piston assembly. The machines are examples of a valveless piston motor.

Key features
• High power
• High productivity
• Easy to maintain
• Durable
• Back head grip, gives in-line thrust
• Chamfered cylinder block increases visibility to the work surface
• Tungsten-carbide tipped pistons last longer