Combined Electric Bender & Shears Sima COMBI range

Specially recommended for rebar production in small - medium housing or infrastructure projects with rebar sizes of up to d36mm / 13/8" (#11) for cutting and d52mm / 2" for bending, such as small resorts, condominiums, villas, low height apartment buildings, etc.
A multi-purpose machine which also allows production of stirrups, spirals and hoops with its optional accessories.
Common Characteristics
• New easy and quick belts tightening system
• Protection shield for control panel
• Inverter equiped (Single-phase). Reduced noise operation.
• Safety foot pedal control
• Pins with new anti stick lubrication system. Bolt for extracting pins (optional)
• Stirrup device for max. Rebar O 14mm / 5/8" - #5 (optional)
• Large diameter rebars bending kit (optional)
• Spirals / hoops bending accessory (optional)
• Single-phase 220V version with inverter technology available for model COMBI 25/32. The inverter stabilizes the electric supply so it makes the motor life longer.
• Two speeds motor available upon request on models COMBI 25/32 and COMBI 30/36.