Cutting Table for SIP Panels Sima Polypanel

The only cutting table in the market especially designed to cut SIP panel: expanded Polyurethane (PUR) foam, Polyestyren foam panels (EPS), and rock wool panels, A lightweight affordable machine… with the performance of a stationary machine.
Common Characteristics
• Type 2 laser guide improved definition
• Transparent plexiglass guards for hands safety
• Adjustable legs
• Dust and waste collector, vacuum cleaner assisted
• Jack system to immobilize the panel

Configurable with blades with different diameters:

350 mm – cutting depth 100 mm
400 mm – cutting depth 125 mm
450 mm – cutting depth 150 mm
500 mm – cutting depth 175 mm
Technical Data
Engine power3  kW
Blade diameter350-400-450-500  mm
Cutting speed1500  rpm
Cutting depth100-125-150-175  mm
Weight103  kg
Max. cutting length1175  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications