Tile Saw Imer Combi 250-1500

Water-cooled tile saw - includes a blade 250 mm
Common Characteristics
For a quality cut even on large tiles: 300x600 mm, 900x900 mm and over. Max. cutting length 1000
mm (Combi 250-1000) / 1500 mm (Combi 250-1500).
They offer high cutting capacity: the blade is suitable for all types of material to be cut. Cuts (90°)
vertically to the support surface or cuts in tilted position between 90° and 45° (depth adjustment is
maintained in all positions).
Side cutting surface allows to extend cutting, maintaining stability, due to a bracket bolted onto the
stand. The machine can mount up to 2 side cutting surfaces and is shipped in a box with stand included
Standard Equipment
Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor, 1.5 kW with thermal
protection and minimum voltage coil
IP 55 switch
IP 67 plug
Laser pointer
Cutting guide
Diamond blade d 250 mm PREMIUM for gres hard porcelain - continuous rim
Protractor with large support surface
Anodised extruded aluminium cutting surface
Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water
Stand with two rubber wheels
Technical Data
Motor230/50  V/Hz
Power1.5  kW
Blade/bore diameter250/25.4  mm
Max. cutting height 1/2 passes66/105  mm
1430/1530  mm
Working surface height750  mm
Tray capacity55  l
Water pump flow rate13  l/min
Noise level86  dB(A)
Machine dimensions L x H x W1920 х 1369 х 636  mm
Machine weight75  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications