Water-cooled Saw for Large-sized Slabs Imer Masonry 750

For cutting large materials like structural stone blocks, cement blocks and stone facing. The sturdy structure of the Masonry 750 and the powerful motor ensure excellent efficiency. The single-phase version is a particularly efficient and versatile machine, for working also in places where there is no 400V/50Hz power supply. The combined cutting action between the downward movement of the cutting head and the horizontal movement of the carriage allows higher speed and accuracy in cutting on large materials or on grooves and profiles. Starting in two steps on the three-phase version (start and run) ensures reliability and durability. The machine is fitted with an emergency button with reset.

Also available in 230V / 50Hz 2.2 kW version
Common Characteristics
Optional Accessories and recommended blades

Blade lateral guards
45° meter guide
Diamond blade O 750 mm bricks / blocks segm.
Diamond blade O 750 mm Poroton / stone segm.
Technical Data
Motor400/50  V/Hz
Power5.5  kW
Blade/bore diameter750/25.4  mm
Max. cutting height300  mm
500/560  mm
Blade speed1430  rpm
Working surface height675  mm
Tray capacity80  l
Machine dimensions L x H x W1550 х 1600 х 850  mm
Machine weight202  kg