Water-cooled Saw for slabs Imer M400 SMART

The M400 Smart saw is designed for cutting bricks, stone materials and stones.
Thanks to the interchangeable blade (d 350 or 400 mm), it adapts to the many needs of a building site. The tilting cutting head allows for higher speed in performing special cuts like grooves, profiles and cut-outs.
Common Characteristics
High cutting quality:
• cut alignment by means of an arm adjustment and locking system, mainly constituted by a special, purposely designed pivot (patent pending);
• setting of cutting height for the d 350 mm or d 400 mm blade by means of a simple selector;
• wooden cutting surface allowing for better friction of the material to be cut;
• high cutting depth max. 250 mm
User-friendly and easy to use:
• transportable by a single person;
• easy to remove arm guard for speedy maintenance of the electric panel;
• rapid blade replacement through locking system on the drive shaft;
• blade guard easily dismountable by means of two captive knobs;
• water inlet quick release coupling.
Top efficiency:
special motor with power rating and torque 20% higher than similar motors available on the market
Easy loading and handling at the building site:
• folding legs;
• wheels for manual handling and loading on vehicles
Sturdiness and durability:
• shatter and wear resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water, with settling compartments;
• submersible pump protected against deposits;
• structural rigidity for enhanced stability;
• wear resistant stainless steel carriage guides;
• generously-sized tray plug;
Technical Data
Motor230/50  V/Hz
Power2.2  kW
Blade/bore diameter350(400)/25.4  mm
Max. cutting height 1/2 passes129/250  mm
Max. cutting length500  mm
Working surface height847  mm
Tray capacity40  l
Machine dimensions L x H x W1186 х 1390 х 722  mm
Machine weight77  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications