Water-cooled Saw Imer C350 iPower

Water-cooled saw with sliding cutting head. Blade d 350 mm. High power saw for cutting marble, bricks and stone. It is designed both for building sites and for the installer. It allows installer to cut tiles up to 1200 mm length with plunge cutting. The C350iPower can be also used in building sites to cut blocks up to 250 mm height with two passes. The tilting cutting head allows for high speed in performing special cuts (45° bevel cut without optional cutting accessories).
Common Characteristics
Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor 2.5 kW
IP 55 circuit breaker with no-volt coil
IP 67 plug
Laser Pointer
Blade . 350 mm for bricks/roof tiles/blocks - sectors
Large protractor
Cutting surface in stainless steel
Shatter - resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water
Handles and wheels for manual handling and loading on vehicles
Folding legs
Technical Data
Motor230/50  V/Hz
Power2.5  kW
Blade/bore diameter350/25.4  mm
Max. cutting height 1/2 passes120/250  mm
1050/1200  mm
Working surface height785  mm
Tray capacity40  l
Machine dimensions L x H x W760 / 1746 / 1410  mm
Machine weight113  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications