Cleaning Machine Schwamborn EP 430 Duo

EP 430-2 Duo 50/230 cleaning machine Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
Two-speed machine for multipurpose use like cleaning and carpet shampooing with 165 r.p.m. and hardfloor polishing with 330 r.p.m.
Scrubbing, carpet cleaning, polishing,spray cleaning, dust collection.
Two-speed version with 165/330 r.p.m.
Multipurpose use
MOP-Motor overload protection
Working up to the rim
Large transport wheels for easy transportation
Central water feed
Technical Data
Engine1200/1800  W
Turns per minute165/330  rpm
Working width430  mm
Weight34.5  kg
Noise level58  dB(A)
Torque46/37  Nm
Pressure on the brush43  g/cm2
Guide rod length850  mm
Frequency50  Hz
Power supply230  V
Power supply cord12  m
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications