Grinding and Polishing Machine Schwamborn STR 500

STR 500, 3x400V / 50Hz, 2200W Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
With a Trio planetary gear drive, the STR 500 is a combination of a heavy duty single disc and three head grinding machine. It is ideal for cleaning, grinding and polishing of concrete, screed, wood and natural stone floors.
Depending on the machine selected, the STR 500 grinder and polisher comes in a package in combination with the following:
ES 51S3 or STR 702S single disc machine
SB Trio planetary gear drive with 3 ETX carrier O-150 mm
DIF Diaflex
Water tank 10 l
Suction and splash guard ring
Grinding and polishing of concrete, screed, marble,terrazzo and wood floors, surface preparation,
cleaning and crystallization
Grinding and polishing is 4 times quicker
ETX easy tool exchange
DIF Diaflex-soft (automatic tool adjustment)
Extremely versatile
Metal gear drive
Working close to edges
Splash guard and suction ring
Technical Data
Engine2200  W
Turns per minute145-600  rpm
Working width480  mm
Weight88  kg
Noise level62  dB(A)
Guide rod length930  mm
Frequency50  Hz
Power supply3x400  V
Power supply cord20  m
Tank10  l
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications