Heavy duty solution for professionals Schwamborn ES 420 S

ES 420 S, 230V/50 Hz, 1200 mm Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
S 420S and ES 420SH –Heavy duty solution for professionals
Cleaning, grinding, renovation and troweling of industrial screeds.
The perfect solution for professional applications. A built in DOC-drive overload clutch with metal gear drive makes it reliablealso under heavy conditions.
Scrubbing, carpet cleaning, polishing, spray cleaning,dust collection, grinding, troweling, crystallization.
DOC-Drive overload clutch
For heavy duty work
Metal gear drive
1200 mm handle for easier working (optional)
Extra heavy version with + 5 kg (ES 420SH)Reliable
Technical Data
Engine1600  W
Turns per minute144  rpm
Working width406/420  mm
Weight39  kg
Noise level58  dB(A)
Torque73  Nm
Pressure on the brush54  g/cm2
Guide rod length850/1200  mm
Frequency50  Hz
Power supply230  V
Power supply cord12  m
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications