Smoothing and Grinding Machine Schwamborn STR 580

STR 580 230V/50Hz 1000W Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
STR 580 – Smoothing and grinding
Made for the floor contractor and rental stations. Motor and drive mechanism sealed against dust and humidity. Robust in design with metal gear drive and overload protection for multipurpose use.
Scrubbing, sealing, jointing, dust collection, grinding, troweling.
DOC-Drive overload clutch
Metal gear drive
MOP-Motor overload protection
Working up to the rim
Motor and drive, dust-tight and splash-proof
Technical Data
Engine1800  W
Turns per minute144  rpm
Working width420  mm
Weight33.5  kg
Noise level58  dB(A)
Torque80  Nm
Pressure on the brush50  g/cm2
Guide rod length850  mm
Frequency50  Hz
Power supply230  V
Power supply cord12  m
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications