STS 130 Schwamborn

STS 130 Schwamborn
Common Characteristics
Suitable for the construction industry with effective filter cleaning.
With standard pre-filter ( washable ) and HEPA filter.Filter cleaning through air pulse process.With 3-stage dust filtration:
1. Stage for coarse dust.
2. Stage with 99.9% via a polyester pre-filter.
3. Stage via 2 x HEPA filters with 99.995 %.
Dust is collected in a transparent and easily transportable plastic bag ( Longobag ).Including hand tube with floor tool and rubber blade, brush blade, hose ( length 5 m, hose connection 38 mm ), Longobag and cable ties.
Technical Data
Power supply230  V
Frequency50  Hz
Weight42  kg
Noise level78  dB(A)
Power input1.2  kw
Suction capacity170  m3/h
Underpressure23  kPa
Dimensions730х410х1300  mm
Suction outlet38  mm