Plastering machine MP 25 Mixit

Plastering machine MP 25 Mixit
Common Characteristics
Suitable for all pumpable premixed dry mortar, whether it’s bag material or from a silo with a conveying system, e.g. interior plasters (gypsum and gypsum lime plaster), external plaster (lime, lime cement, and insulating plaster), self levelling floor screed, cementitious adhesive, and reinforcement mortar. Different pump parts and pump versions can vary the mix and pump output from around 5 to 80 l/min.
Pump drive - 400 V / 50 Hz / 5.5 kW at 392 rpm
Technical Data
Container drive1.1  kw
Theor. delivery rate25  l/min
Air compressor0.55 / 200  kW - l/min
Delivery pressure40  bar
Container content115  l
Filling height984  mm
Weight240  kg
Length x width x height1 324/ 728 /1 443  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications