Hot-Melt Applicator REKA MS 200.Е

Hot-Melt Glue Applicator Gun MS 200.E with electronic temperature regulation – Easy Processing of Hot-Melt without compressed air.
Common Characteristics
The MS 200.E lets you process hot-melt granulates, pillows and even 43mm sticks effortlessly and hassle-free. It doesn’t even require air pressure and thanks to the 500 watt heater it is ready to go within minutes. The comfort locking and big opening lets you fill the 250 ml tank with ease. Thanks to the electronic temperature regulation the hot glue is kept at a precise temperature and protected against coking. This makes the MS 200.E a great tool for temperature sensitive hot-melts like PA, polyamide based glues. The ergonomic handle and adjustable trigger enable a continuous workflow and is well-suited for smaller hands as well as right and left-handed people alike. Combined with the reka nozzle portfolio the MS 200.E handles countless applications comfortably, powerful and professional.
Technical Data
Weight1220  g
Power Consumption500  W
Power Supply230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz) 
Degree of protection30  IP
Operating temperature30-200  °C
Gross Tank Capacity250  ml
Length of electric cord2.5  m