Hot-Melt Applicator REKA MS 200.2

Hot-Melt Glue Applicator Gun MS 200 – Easy Processing of Hot-Melt without compressed air.
Common Characteristics
The MS 200 lets you process hot-melt in form of 43mm sticks, granulate and pillows. The MS 200
does not require compressed air and is thanks to its 500 Watts power consumption ready to go in 5 minutes. The big filling hole makes filling the capacity of 250 ml (8.4 US fluid ounces) comfortable and reduces spillage. An unique ergonomic shape and an adjustable trigger enable the user to work comfortable and without fatigue. The MS 200 is suited even for delicate hands and both right and lefthanders. The integrated magnetic foot proves to be a true time saverwhen putting
down and picking up the applicator on magnetic surfaces. A wirestand provides a secure stand on nonmagnetic surfaces. In combination with a variety of available nozzles the MS 200 serves almost every application conveniently, flexibly and professionally.
Technical Data
Weight1220  g
Power Consumption500  W
Power Supply230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz) 
Degree of protection30  IP
Operating temperature50-200  °C
Gross Tank Capacity250  ml
Length of electric cord2.5  m