Hot-melt adhesive QS Adhesivos Termolite TE-40

Hot-melt adhesive for edgebanding (cartridges). Application temperature: 180-200 °C.
Common Characteristics
Hot-melt adhesive especially developed to be used in Holz- Her edge banders or similar equipments that work withcartridges. TERMOLITE TE-40 is suitable to bond solid wood, chipboard, hardboard, MDF, or other fine-grained wood-based materials with different kinds of edge: wood veneer, polyester, HPL, PVC, ABS, PP and melamine.

Composition: EVA copolymers and synthetic resins.
Appearance: Cartridges (Diameter 63 mm, Long 80 mm)
Colour: Natural, White, Brown, Black
Packaging: 14.75 kg boxes