Hot-melt adhesive QS Adhesivos Termolite TE-60

Hot-melt adhesive or edgebanding.
Common Characteristics
Filled hot-melt adhesive specially formulated for automatic edgebanding equipment such as HOMAG, STEFANI,
EGURKO BARBERAN, OLIMPIC and others, suitable to bond solid wood, chipboard, HDF board, MDF, or other fine-grained wood-based materials with different kinds of edge: solid wood, veneer, primed thermoplastic (PVC, ABS, PP) and resinatedpaper. TERMOLITE TE-60 is suitable for edge thickness up to 2 mm.
(Depending on shape memory of materials used).
Composition: EVA copolymers and synthetic resins.
Appearance: Granules
Colour: Natural
Packaging: 25 kg
Technical Data
Package25  kg

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