Loctite Мacroplast UR 7221 - 30kg

1-part polyurethane adhesive that hardens by humidity or spraying with a fine water mist.
Common Characteristics
LOCTITE® UR 7221 is a 1-part, solvent-free, moisture-cured polyurethane-based adhesive. At room temperature and the required humidity in the joint, sufficient strength will be obtained after approximately 2 to 4 h. For faster curing LOCTITE UR 7221 can be cured in a heated press. Maximum temperature must not exceed +70°C. Used in the manufacture of sandwich elements of porous substrates which contain humidity.
Long open time.
IMO approval for shipbuilding (wheel mark, low flame spread).
Technical Data
Technology1K PU 
Viscosity5500-10500  mPa·s
Initial strength120-240  min
Consumption per m2100-200  g
Service temperature range (short exposure)-40 +80 (+100)  °C
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications