Аdhesive for wood QS Adhesivos Dispertec MX-5235 RW

PVAC adhesive for general assembly.
Common Characteristics
DISPERTEC MX-5235 RW is a water-based dispersion adhesive specially formulated for wood applications, with excellent resistance to water.
Fulfills group D-3 according to DIN EN 204 Standard, and group D-4 with a 4% of DESMOFLEX WB (crosslinker). It can be used in furniture, DIY and in furniture
assembling, DIY and indoors decoration, doors, stratified boards, postforming, seating, packaging, striped board, high frequency curved wood, assembling
and outdoors carpentry, veneer fleece backed with paper, etc.

Composition: Vinylic polymers
Colour: Dispersion: White / Film: Transparent
Packaging: 30 kg
Technical Data
Package30  kg

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